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Bing Visual Search lets you identify & search objects within an image

Bing is following the competitors Google, Pineterest and others to enhance its image search capabilities. As part of it, has launched its Visual Search tool, which enables the users to identify and search an object in a larger image. The tool also provides the search suggestions.

Bing Visual Search is a part of existing Image Search tool. It will work with existing internet images and any new pictures taken. The tool is available at - desktop and mobiles, and also on bing mobile app. The tool is also available for developers in Bing Image Search API.

I tested the tool, and found it simple and imaressive. I searched for the blockbuster Bollywood movie of 2016 'Dangal' and came up with couple of movie poster images. Then, within the image, I selected the lead actor 'Amir Khan's' face and impressivly the Bing Visual Search tool showed me all the images related to Amir Khan and also suggested other searches such as aamir khan, actor, aamir, khan, young, person, portrait, old age to make the life easier.

Bing Visual Search lets you identify objects within an image

Google already has a similar tool known as Product Metadata, and recently has launched Google Lenses, which converts smartphone camera into search box. Pinterest also has a feature 'Shop the Look Feature', which identifies an item in a larger image and converts it into something to buy. Instagram is also testing the similar kind of feature.

All these tools shows the trend moving from text search to image search. All the credit goes to the big data available and machine learning. That's why, Google has shifted its approach from 'mobile first' to 'AI first'.


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