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Creator of Android operating system launches devices to compete with Google Home & Google Pixel

Ex Android boss, Andy Rubin, has launched two new devices the ‘Essential Home’ and the ‘Essential Phone’ to compete with Google Home, Google Pixel and the similar devices from Samsung and Apple. His company claims that both these devices are simpler, durable and more elegant than the competitors.

The ‘essential smartphone’ is available for preorder in US at a price of $699. The company also offers a 360 degree camera as an add on for $50 more. It has edge to edge screen along with a high end processor. The smartphone is made of Titanium.

The essential phone

The ‘essential home’ is of same size as Amazon Echo, but more elegant as the company claims. The company hasn’t disclosed the prices until now. However, it should be somewhere around $200.

The essential home

Unlike the ‘Essential Smartphone’, the ‘Essential Home’ runs on a new operating system ‘Ambient’. It is speech enabled and offers open SDK for developers. The beauty of this product is that it can be integrated with any smart device in no time.

So, let’s see that how the consumers take these products launched by Andy Rubin.


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