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Google Home launched multi-user support leaving behind Aamazon Echo

Google Home will support six users on a single device onwards, which means that Google Home will be able to differentiate among the voices of six users registered on a single Google Home device. It will provide personalised results to each user. The results will extend to news, music, scheduling. communte timings and much more.

Google Home launched multi-user support

Initially, this feature has been launched only in US. In next couple of months, it will be available in UK as well.

To access this support, the Google Home app should be updated to the latest available version. Also all the six users need to add their Google accounts and preferences with the Google Home device. While setting up their account with Home device, they will have to say 'Ok Google' or 'Hey, Google' twice. So, onwards whenever any of user asks any question to Google Home, the neural network will analyse their voices, and will provide personalised results. All the process is so fast that it takes only milli seconds.

Currently, Amazon Echo doesn't offer multi-user support. However, it will have to match the expectations of consumers, which have been raised by Google Home.

Good luck Google Home and Amazon Echo!


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