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What is a featured snippet?

The featured snippets appear on top of organic search results in a box at position ‘0’. Rank Ranger carried out a study, and Featured Snippets appeared for 9.1968 percent of all the search queries.

A Featured Snippet contains title, url and a snippet of page’s content in an attempt to answer the question or search query placed by searcher.

Google programmatically detects the pages, which give a clear and concise answer to the user’s question or query, and then displays it at the top of all the organic search results. That’s, why we say it position ‘0’.

Most of the featured snippets appear from the top 10 search results only. The chances are very low that a search result from page two appears in featured snippet section.

Featured Snippet Examples:

Featured Snippets can be of many types, but few of them are:

1. Paragraph Type Featured Snippets:: This is the most common featured snippet. It appears for a general question such as ‘crowdfunding’ or ‘what is crowdfunding?’

Paragraph Type Featured Snippet

2. List Type Featured Snippets:: This type of featured snippets showcase a process, which include ‘steps’. For example, ‘how to make salads?’

3. Table Type Featured Snippets: This featured snippet appears to display comparison or factual data. For example, I searched for ‘Population by country’ and ‘table type featured snippet appeared as a response. <table> tag should be used to optimise for ‘table type featured snippet’.

Featured Snippets are more about the actual content on the web pages and less about the back-links. So, the sites, which lack the backlinks, Featured Snippets are good bet for them.

The pages, which appear in Featured Snippets, receive more clicks and thus higher click through rate. So, it becomes very important for sites and businesses to appear in featured snippets to gain more visitors and customers.


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