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Google decides to expand GMB profile editing capabilities in Search and Maps

In a swift move, Google decides to bring versatility to the Google My Business platform. It comes intending to expand the profile editing capabilities in Search and Maps for businesses. The decision came just ahead of International Small Business Week. With this move, Google is also offering free access to Pointy, for eligible businesses until September 30.

As we seem to be grateful to the internet giants that are Amazon and eBay. One of the major side stories that slip through the cracks while we enjoy point and click shopping without moving is the impact it has had on the local businesses. A revamp to the local businesses was necessary. We can say that Google just sensed it only and came up with this important announcement.

To stay relevant in a world ruled by fingers swiping over touch screens. Local businesses have the opportunity to hit the internet by just setting up a business profile on Google. This not only gives them more visibility on the internet but also helps in getting more traction. Adding to it, if a store has its own website which can be displayed on the Google my business profile, it is surely bringing traffic and sales.

What are the Updates?

Yes, it’s very neat and probably not the most news, it has been around for a while and has helped a great number of businesses. But it left for more to be desired and that’s what Google came up with just ahead of the International Small Business Week. Google expanded the horizons of the GMB profiles. The updates include:

  • Post creation - It is quite like what you can do on Facebook and Instagram. The owner can keep the audience updated about the many services or products it has to offer. Not only that, it gives the owner the freedom to create posts regarding the sales, offers and latest products.

  • Show services - The user can list the services he/ she has to offer under the services tab. It offers a primary category and services for each category.

  • Cafes and Restaurants - Restaurants and takeout businesses can now accept orders through their business profile directly on Search and through maps. This is going to be really cool as it can potentially decrease the awkward silences on the phone as you order a triple-double cheese pizza. Also in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to add online ordering options and menu items directly from Google Search into your GMB profile.

What exactly is Pointy?

Google has a little more in store though, and it’s called Pointy.

Pointy is a Google service that lets you get your entire or selected inventory online easily. The hassle of manual entries is no more a task. The entries will be added automatically to the list by just doing a barcode scan.

As you scan the products, they are added to your Business Profile. This way potential and regular customers can both see what items you got in stock beforehand. It’s really something that we see helping a lot of stores and customers alike. It can save both money and the ever precious time.

Pointy is available for free until September 30 this year for eligible stores.

But what makes an eligible store you say? Well:

  • Businesses in the Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and Ireland

  • Retailers with physical stores who use wired barcode scanners or compatible point of sale systems and sell products with manufacturer barcodes.

In order to check technical requirements, you can contact the Pointy team

Local Opportunity Finder

Last but not the least, Google has also announced to have launched a new tool called Local Opportunity Finder. The sole purpose behind the launch of this tool is to provide business owners with tailored recommendations to improve visibility on Search and Maps. The tool is meant to be user-friendly. All you have to do is enter the name of your business in the tool and Google will offer personalised tips, such as to fill any gaps in your profile, or to improve it with features that can help you engage better with potential customers.

As of now, the tool is being rolled out this month in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, with more countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to follow in the coming months.

How will it help me?

We can say it can help you out in many ways. Being able to update the profile on ‘Google My Business’ from Search or Maps keeps your clients up-to-date about how your business is operating. It will let your customers know easily what you are currently offering. A free trial of Pointy will help local businesses reach a decision about whether it’s worthwhile to invest in such a platform.

In the nutshell, the capability to expand the GMB profile editing capabilities in Search and Maps is a constructive step taken by Google. It is important for each business outlet to show updated information and details to potential clients when they search for your business on Google. This makes your business stand out and flaunt the services you offer.


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