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Google is rolling out support for AMP landing pages in AdWords

Advertisers will be able to direct their search ads in AdWords to the AMP landing pages in coming two weeks. Google had started testing the feature in May in AdWords Beta version and has finally started rolling out.

AMP landing pages in AdWords

AMP pages are faster even in comparison to the speedy mobile responsive pages.

In new AdWords interface, the advertisers will be able to see the clicks on invalid AMP landing pages and will be able to take action to resolve issues and meet Google AMP guidelines.

According to, they have seen an increase of 95 percent in the partner conversion rate and a drop of 31 percent in bounce rate after adopting AMP. While another retailer, Greenweez Saw has seen an increase of 86 percent in conversion rate and a decrease of 66 percent in CPA after implementing AMP.

AMP now supports dynamic content, checkout and native A/B testing. However, still it doesn’t support the third party testing platforms.

AMP-bind is continuously increasing the number of features for ecommerce and product based sites. It now supports features such as filtering, sorting, product colour and size, auto suggest and search results without reloading.

It seems that AMP is a part of Google’s long term content and loading speed strategy, which will not come to an end in next decade.

Sites should adopt it soon otherwise may loose the search traffic at least from the giant Google.


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