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Google rolls out Attribution Beta version among selected advertisers

Google rolls out Attribution Beta version among selected advertisers

Most of the advertisers attribute their conversions to last click, which is partially true. All the touchpoints in the funnel play a role in the final conversion.

Google understands this and that’s why, it is in the process of launching Attribution Tool in early 2018 - states David Booth from Cardinal Path. The tool will consider all the touchpoints in the funnel throughout journey cross device and cross channel, and will attribute credit to the touch points based on the model selected by advertisers. It will provide a real picture to the advertisers.

Until now, the attribution was available only in AdWords and Google Analytics, but now it will be throughout other channels as well.

Recently, Hellofresh reported an increase of 10 percent in the number of conversions after start using the beta version of Google Attribution tool.

The Attribution tool also features Google’s machine learning based data driven attribution model.

Since now, Google has rolled out the beta version of attribution model to selected advertisers only, but it will increase the number in coming time.

Google attribution tool will provide an upper edge to advertisers in coming years.

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