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The Power of AI Can Bring an Incredible Customer Experience

What does AI mean?

Especially in the last few years, when using the internet, we know that the word AI is an important element of many discussions, others that are not generally associated with smartphone features. What is it in general? AI stands for artificial intelligence, and its meaning has been the subject of much debate, but another day.

In essence, AI is part of computer science where hardware and software are being developed. It replicates human thinking or at least mimics several aspects to perform immediate tasks. Now, these tasks can be literally anything. For example, autonomous driving Tesla. What makes these cars possible is the brain of a series of specialized cameras, computers and software itself. But it's not limited to these advanced products, you can find them everywhere every day. Alexa and Siri loved Google search in the lobby for two weeks.

Your business and AI

Artificial intelligence, make it easier for your customers to understand. The brand can use AI and machine learning to collect and analyze social, historical and behavioural data to obtain many accurate images for its customers. Unlike existing data analysis software, AI can inspect data and predict client behaviour, so it learns and improves. This allows brands to provide relevant information, increase sales opportunities and enhance the consumer experience. It's an evolving process that means you're always on the same page as your customers.

AI greatly reduces the delay between customer needs and what your business offers. Predictive behavioural analysis and real-time decision making. Real-time decision-making is defined as the ability to make decisions with near-zero delays based on the most up-to-date data available, such as data on the current interaction between a customer and a business. For example, Precognitive's Decision AI has a response time of fewer than 200 milliseconds and uses a combination of AI and machine learning to evaluate all occurrences in real-time. Real-time decision-making helps you promote your business more effectively than your prospects. Identifying clients using ad blockers and providing them with alternative UI components that can continue to use them is an example of real-time decision making.

How can you use AI in your business?

Employ AI to better understand customers, leverage real-time decision making and predictive analytics to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. Deploy AI chatbots and attract customers to improve customer journeys across all touchpoints and channels. Artificial intelligence provides much of a profitable commercial outlook, not the bookkeeper that science fiction movies have scared us for years, nor the killer of the profession that employees fear.

But how does one ensure your customer experience is personal, relevant and human when using AI and machine learning to enhance CX?

Join CX Journey’s Annette Franz with Redpoint Global’s Steve Zisk as they explore the impact of AI on your customer.


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